(17) Our Self-Limiting Stories

When exploring our self-limiting stories, it can be helpful to consider each of us as tiny lenses peering through a dark veil covering the whole of reality. We only identify what’s important based on the lens or identity we’ve pre-selected as being who we believe ourselves to be. Unfortunately, all labels, or the means of relating us within an experience, hide as much as they reveal. This doesn’t mean they aren’t useful.

self-limiting stories

Beyond Self-limiting Stories

Re-writing our stories to include all of the parts we can identify instead of focusing on a single part such as fat, addict, or failure, but to include, curious, teachable, caring. To change the word for a behavior such as angry to passionate, or stubborn to tenacious and see how that opens up new opportunities.

Instead, the journey ahead of us is in constantly working at being aware of what lies in wait outside of the self-limiting stories we’re telling, to be discovered, to be explored, and to spur us on to a greater understanding of ourselves and those who we have been blessed to be connected to.

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