(42) 3 Things To Know Before Entering Therapy

Interview with Bryan Nixon, a therapist at and founder of Mindful Counseling GR in Grand Rapids, MI. Here we discuss therapeutic modality and the relationship with the client.

Choosing to enter therapy is an important and often a difficult decision. Listening to these two therapists discuss their ideas about therapy, the therapeutic relationship, and continued education can make identifying the therapist you’d like to work with easier.


Things to consider when entering therapy:

  1. Philosophy and methods used by the therapist
  2. The therapist’s approach to the therapeutic relationship with a client
  3. Therapist dedication to continued education and self-inquiry
  4. The level of connection or rapport you have with the therapist

Be sure to interview potential therapists about these points, while keeping in mind your reasons for seeking counseling and your desired outcomes. Therapy can be a powerful tool for change when you take the time to find the right therapist for you.

There are many reasons to reach out for support:

  1. Learn new skills such as how to communicate better with your partner or children, or step more fully into a leadership role at work, or improve your management skills
  2. Discover new ways to deal with strong emotions such as anxiety, anger, or depression
  3. Explore new ways to shift the narratives or stories you have about yourself, others, or life in general in ways that allow you to reach your goals
  4. The desire to change a specific behavior to improve your life experience

Change is always challenging, but it is a process you do not have to do alone. When you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of what changes you need to make, think about reaching out for support from a mental health professional. They can be your guide on the journey of change.

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