(45) Removing the Link Between Diagnosis and Behavior

Whether working as a therapist, social worker, or psychiatrist, the question often comes up as to how to address behavioral change, how to make it happen, and how to speed it up; and inevitably the client or patient will make some comment about addressing their...


(42) 3 Things To Know Before Entering Therapy

Interview with Bryan Nixon, a therapist at and founder of Mindful Counseling GR in Grand Rapids, MI. Here we discuss therapeutic modality and the relationship with the client. Choosing to enter therapy is an important and often a difficult decision. Listening to...


(11) Our Humanity is Being Triggered

Humanity is triggered because of what we value. Our Values and stories about them form the foundation of our emotional experience. We feel strongly when what we value is met (satisfaction, love, or joy) or violated (rage, sorrow, or frustration).


(21) Self-Control and the Judgment of Our Future Self

Exploring the nature of self-control, the connection it has to empathy, and the picture we have of our ideal self. Reading from The Atlantic article “Self-Control is Just Empathy with Your Future Self” by Ed Yong. We can think of self-control as the “present”...

story of anger

(29) The Story of Your Anger

Your anger, often labeled as "bad", is a great way of knowing what is important to you. We do not get angry about things we don't care about.


(23) Stop Hiding Behind Labels

Stop hiding behind labels, subsuming a whole person to a single characteristic, one label no matter how powerful its meaning, is to hold that person up to an impossible standard and lead to dismissal in the pursuit of purity. The struggle between the...